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Long Island is where we call home. Our juices are hand-made,

with the dopest, brightest, freshest, all-natural, non-GMO fruits and veggies.

We set  out to make a super healthy and great tasting drink.

Here at The Six Juice Company we will continue to make being healthy cool, fun

and a lifestyle change.

Gluten Free /  Dairy Free /  Vegan / Non GMO




They call me Six because I am 6’10”. I started juicing to get my mom healthy after she beat stage 4 breast cancer; she needed to get healthy and back on her feet. Because of the chemo, she had weak bones, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. She also lost her hair, so I had to do something to make her feel beautiful and not see her cry anymore. If you beat cancer, or know someone who has, this juice is for you. Hey mom, I love you, and I want the world to know that you are the strongest person I know.


Love your son,


“Benefits of Juicing”

  • Weight Loss​

  • Increase of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber

  • Helps fight cancer, acne and common colds, promotes hair growth, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, promotes healthy skin, boosts immune system, acts as anti-inflammatory and detox.

• Loaded with vitamins.

• Helps with nausea.

• Improves oral health.

• Fights congestion.

• Relieves fatigue and


• Hearth health.

• Natural energy source.

• Improves blood circulation.

• Iron booster.

• Stabilizes mood 

  and mental health.

• Treats high blood pressure.

• Hydration.


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